The 2019 K-12 Digital Content Report

  • Conducted online among ASCD members (school and district-based) to better understand usage of, attitudes toward and future plans for ebooks and audiobooks.
    • A follow-up to a similar study conducted in 2015
    • Includes insights from 1,948 ASCD members in administrative roles

Highlights include:

  • Overall digital content usage has seen 12% growth:
    • Usage in the classroom is up 15%: Far fewer are using ebooks and audiobooks only in the library
    • District 1:1 device programs have increased in popularity by 20%
  • Schools and districts are investing more in ebooks and audiobooks:
    • The amount of instructional materials budgets allocated to digital materials has risen 12%
    • Cost effectiveness remains a leading factor when determining a digital content provider

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